Formal Name: Ir-Rabat

Country: Malta
Local Name: Ir-Rabat
Meaning: suburb
Population: 12, 954
Area []: 27.286 sq. km

Places of Interest: Roman Villa, St. Paul’s Grotto, Catacombs, Mdina

Famous for:Pastizzi (CheeseCakes)

Rabat, the name meaning “town” or “suburbs” actually surrounds the city of Mdina. In Rabat there are lots of historical and religious sites to see: St. Paul’s catacombs, St. Agatha’s, the Roman Villa, just to name a few. St. Paul’s catacombs believed to be close to the grotto where St. Paul spent three months, is only a two minute walk from St. Agatha’s catacomb with its underground chapel and superb frescos preserved by the local priests. The Roman Villa with its typical Roman architecture and layout provides us with inumerable relics as well as a superb mosaic floor.

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